I am no thing

To be or see to do

Be touched or touch

And therefore

I am all things

Free this everything

Is me we walk like gods

In seeing nothing

We can see


©K Barr


For Ever


I asked them

What the tree was like

They told me of its name

I asked again

What tree was like

They told me history

Of tree of genus seed

Of light and leaf

Bequeathed to us

In brief a twig

Of life in thrust

Like us

I asked them

What the tree was like

This mystery

Of tree of me

Of sky of sea

Of us together

What we be

I asked them

But they answered not

And then I knew

That things cannot

Begot but getting


But never ending

Motioning in flux


Life it bends

In weaves and winds

I find

I cannot lie

With names

A tree is me

And we are



Here and free


©K Barr




Don’t fit

In here

This space

Not place

Enough for me

For free

I am

With rolling writhing

Soaring diving


Currently to be

Is not a lot

And also far too much

As such my telling

Must defy me

Always and forever

I be never

Shift contained in ever

Shall be worlds unfolding

Never to be told in

Holding mean confinement

No alignment me…


©K Barr

The Fingering in Winter


Finger pointing to the sky

A tip so lewd

Of crocus shoot

Is rude in thrust

Through winter crust

Of frost and bite

Cannot disguise

The role of ripen

Rich and rise

The burgeoning

Of spring beneath

The seam of winter

Screened demure

In folds of skirting white

The coldness in her eyes

 Are seemingly so pure

 Belies what goes on

Underneath unseen

Unbidden and a law

Whose answer dances

For itself alone…….


©K Barr