Babel Towers



If you

In your

Inner Instructs

To construct

To reduct

By upping

Your things

On your things

That’s on top of your things

It all come tumbling down


©K Barr


Winners or Losers


Winners or losers

Who are the choosers?

Who is merely landfill

Is it you or is it I?

Is it neither we are all

Just people getting by

By what? What cost?

And what is lost?

When we achieve

The by that we

Are getting to

With life that’s running dry?


©K Barr



Sliding down

The mountainside

Of ego on my rump

A bumpy ride

It burns my hide


I lied

When I told you

Not to hold me

I was strong

So now I long

For your song

To lull me

Never told me

I was wrong

In trying to belong

To the throng

Of the victorious

Inglorious am I

In truth I cry

For my weakness

Weeps me dry…

I open up my eye

And you are there

A care of crowd

In loud appreciation

Of the human designation


Broken mirrors

We are yours


©K Barr

Jack and Jill


We push ourselves
Below to roll
In shame the game
Is degradation
It’s a name we know
The same repeating
Refrain of the lost
Of heart to tell a tale
Much older than the hilly plane
We crawl to climb in vain
No gain
To toss for losing
For we do not envy
Any fool in falling
And we know this way
Is safer
Than a wide exposure
Top of windy landscape
Not an escape
From a darker world below
But show of seeing
And be seen
In doing all to bear
And knowing what is there
Beyond the small containment
Kept at bottom
Of our Hill

© KJ barr

The Haunted


I grieve for souls
Who walk the Earth
Between the planes
Of life and death
The lost who seek
A home a face a name
To know themselves
To be absolved
From the intentions
Never kept
That haunts their day
And rides their night
As wild mares
Stampeding in
The wilderness
Of lives unlived
The falling
Of the failure
In their wishing
Wants to be

© K J barr