Lawful is awful
There’s no fool
Just poor
It’s just this injustice
This fist clothed in law
Laws for the wealthy
To help them get more
It’s just this injustice
That steals from the poor
I will not abide
By the force
Of such law…

©K Barr





Nothing but the breath

I hold

A moment in my lungs

To let it go

I’m free


Going nowhere

I go everywhere

In mind and heart

I care to fly above

Below I know

This only thing

I do not know

I cannot even

Grow am grown

Torn down

Without a frown

No tear or thing

Too dear to weigh

Me back I lack

No thing I need

Only the air

And to be fair

Between us Just

A must

Concede this only

Always lonely

Without truth

©K Barr



To Walk in Light


To walk in the light
Is to cast the shade
Wherein the angry ghosts
Afraid in grief relief
Are hid to rouse
A bid denial
Of the peace
We seek to make
In paving over
An easy way
Of cover up
An earth with fissures
Wills erupt
When suffocated
Far too much
Protest at trite
In strive for right
Before a walk of light
Is trod.

© KJ barr



A bestiary of malefactions

Rage in ageless cage

Of bars that hold

The pestilence of things

We did in lieu

And lack of love

And liking we exempt

Ourselves to keep

From wrongs that roar

For justice and the rattling

Battle to restore

The drums of restless feet

Which need assistance

Of our hands upending

Of our sorry lot

In show for good

We block our ears

And live in fear

Of words our deeds

Of past do spit

Into our faces

Wipe away

How can the marks

From foreheads bruised

To smart with the

Infinite so infinite

Fallibility of all

Our lot of selves

To keep in sway

© K J Barr

Need In Deed


I am thirst in this queue

You see my need is greater

Than your own

Quite plain

More than anybody else’s

Is my need

You see

I have thought the matter over

And measured-up

Weighed out and accurately


The state of things and found

My need is greater than your own

So I am thirst in this queue

Quite right

I am Thirst


© K J Barr