I desire

Not a thing

Thought or feeling

Within truly


I need what is

The essence of

Itself to drink

The missing link

To eat the meal

Of the ingredient

Of living savour

Airy energies and swell

With what is

Well… love


©K Barr


Keep Me Easy


Keep me easy
In such lanes
That leads from hollow
As I follow
My desire leads
To feeding of my hearts
Essential search
Of such fulfilling burst
I barely breathe
And hope to serve the course
Beset my foot in step
Ahead through life
In lanes that wind
Away my end of each
And every day beset
Before my feet

© K J barr

The Look for Love


The look for love
Is do or die
The soul folds back
Into the self
Balls tight
A fist to fight
An armoured shell
In bid to save itself
From hell it digs
A ditch to dwell
In pitch of black
Where all is lack
Of colour
Longing for a song
It deafens ears
From sound around
Away from cries
Of want
It craves
Only a cave
In which to hide
The miss of missive
A defeat
So great
Drop of height
From which a fall
To certain death
In heart is sure
No starting there
To care below a
Closing of the self
From each and everything
About is down
To dusty nothingness
To satisfy an appetite
For life

© K J barr

My Friend Muffin


Legs like chopsticks

Eyes like peas

Hair like pasta

Knees like cheese

With a jelly of a belly

And a pudding for a nose

Feet like meat cuts

Sausages for toes

Hands like candy

Finger licking good

Ears are pancakes

Very very good

My friend Muffin

He smells great

When he sits on my

Dinner plate.

© KJ Barr