To Trust


Kick me
For I do not cry
I just will die
A little more each day
The heart that holds
The hurt in sway
Will hug the harm
That’s done each day
To die a little more
In every way
The need for love
To seed a soul
A tiny babe
That cannot know
A where or why
It cannot tell
A greater tale
Can die too easily
A little bit more
In every day

©K Barr




Needle fine

Canary bone

So thin is wrought

And light to fly

We splinter just

As easily as this

Deny the little cries

We crush the self

Of beating heart

Its wings that

Need to stretch

Out wide in flight

Rejection is our

Other name

The game is all

Our loss alone

Forlorn we fail

To know the dream

In songs that only

We could sing

Of love as fragile

As a bird on wing

And pure in bliss as this…


©K Barr

Song of Atlas


Song of Atlas

How Absurd
A Little bird
Of tiny bone
And feather lighter
Than the wind
With breath enough
In breast to fly
Away so high
Amid the cloud
And swim in universe
Yet I
Am stranded
In and grounded
Here on earth
In sufferance
With heaviness of grave
Great gravity
To bearing in
On shoulders
Loaded holding of the
Weight of this existence
Pressing mystery of loss
And shame in pain of
Weakness creaking in the knees
That bend to trembling
Beg for less in mercy
Wish to swim
Amidst the cloud
Freedom of a span of wing
And song of feather lighter
Than the wind
And longing flowing
Of a little bird
In sowing wishes to be free

© K J barr

Down Way Down The Seems


Down way down
The slipping sliding slope
Whose scope spins round
In rings of wringing
Writhe of feelings
Twisted in a dizzy dam
So damned and knotted
Conflict cannot
Stop propelling the
Frustration teeming
Reams of reeling feelings
Keen and never heard
Above the din of clamouring
Inaction framed in stasis
Stopped in motion
Round the wringing
Rim of feeling
Damned in slipping down
Around the sliding slope of feeling
Low below the face of
Surface hold of this thin seam
Of seeming truth

© K J barr



The light kissed leaf that shines beneath

The open chasm of the sky

Exposed in all its foliage

Naked to what may come


I cry at the fragile beckoning

Of bud to flower of seed to root and climb to light


The bright shining of hope to come

Promises sown in dreams and wishes

Digging deep and dark in the cleft of our endeavours


And we rise to be kissed by light

Undefended, raw in our naked need

For harmony and sense amidst all this affray