The warmth of human kindness
Thaws the ice inside the heart
And how it hurts
To come alive
To feel such beauty
Pulsing willingly
In green keen earth
To grow and throw
A shower of motley bounty
Rich for free
When needed we
Forget this privilege
So easily go falling
Always far
From Eden’s grace
This race of man
Should not show kindness
For it kindly hurts
To know also
The cruelty
What we do and be and show

©K Barr





Don’t fit

In here

This space

Not place

Enough for me

For free

I am

With rolling writhing

Soaring diving


Currently to be

Is not a lot

And also far too much

As such my telling

Must defy me

Always and forever

I be never

Shift contained in ever

Shall be worlds unfolding

Never to be told in

Holding mean confinement

No alignment me…


©K Barr