Beyond the Veil


See through
Your veil
If you avow
To seek beyond
What you can see
To feel what you
Have never felt
Before those dreams
You never had
To find what you
Do love so much
It hurts to be alive
This ecstasy of diving
Into ocean streams
Of living widely open
Means to go beyond
Where you have been
To blow like leaves
Upon the winds
Of happenstance
Your chance
The future
In your hands
Your heart
Will always start
Again to care
To see beyond
The veil you wear

©K Barr




Born naked
Born Free
Born without
A need to be
A bearer
Of such pockets
I accrue
To put the things
Of me into
Too heavy
To put down
So much it
Can’t be cast aside
Too greedy
That I just can’t hide
So needy
That I just can’t find
The innocence
That served me once
To be
Without this shame
Or secrecy
Born free…

©K Barr

No Nouns No Names


Words words absurdity

To herd yourself

Within some thing

To clothe these

Lithesome souls

In heavy garments

made for other

Shapes are free

Like we are

Dancing graces

Shifting places

Meanings dreaming’s

Nothing seemingly

So stuck in still

No will not us

We are the happenings

Events to be and see

To do for you

And me

We must we need

To walk alone

Without such definitions

Shackle we move free


©K Barr



Let’s move on out

Vacate the time and space

All place particular

To birth and person

Deemed to be

No more

Let’s move on out

From under hedgerows

Where we hid in bid to rid

Ourselves from heavy loads

Inherited no more

We’re moving out

No stories to divulge

Just we who are

Are our only hope

We travel light

As life can be

Like air electing to be free

Abandoning what was

We see that destiny

Is ours only

Let’s move on out


©K. Barr




Do you


When you


A seeming


Of being

That does not

Reflect election

Of the whole

Of what you

Can be

In your motioning


Don’t detract

Reduce to lack

Or form to liking

In a moment

Can’t exist

In this


Must resist

All naming

There’s no shame in

What you be

You cannot see

Your self-detected

In the mirrors

Of your head


Lay to rest

All striving

No more hiding

Let you be


©K Barr