Born naked
Born Free
Born without
A need to be
A bearer
Of such pockets
I accrue
To put the things
Of me into
Too heavy
To put down
So much it
Can’t be cast aside
Too greedy
That I just can’t hide
So needy
That I just can’t find
The innocence
That served me once
To be
Without this shame
Or secrecy
Born free…

©K Barr


The Game of Blames



As we gather

Here today

Let us bend

Our heads

To play

The game

Of blames…

One two

Who am I

What is you

Whose is

The ‘it’

In shit

Is it me or

Is it you

Is it who

We call

Them who


Begin again

One two

The game

Of blames…


©K Barr



In our eyes

Can you see lies

Our minds

Constructions of the kind

Of things we like to think

Deceive ourselves is what

What we do too easily

Too well construe a shadow

To believe

When no-ones knows

We are the deeds

That most resemble

The assemblage

Of what becomes

Our rest all follows on

Like sheep that’s lost

Responding to the songs

We like to sing out loud


©K Barr

Honey Tongue


Honey cloven cleft of foot
My lover left a print
Indented on my head
Was trod
In dance of night time wild
All the night
Was whispered secrets
In a tongue I can not tell
The charm it spoke
Nor heed the key
Of names in saying of
Break spells my life has cast
My lots and tied my hands
To what is put before
Me trod on lies
I told myself
And have to keep
Appointment with the deeds
That I have done

© K J barr

It’s Not a Crime!


Betray the self

It’s not a crime

Written in the law of lands

But led astray by thinking’s lead

Or feelings that persuay we pay

A price too high too often

And too heavy far

For legs to carry such a load

Of holding over ground

To cover with again the lost

Terrains we tread alone

To dig our way out of the

Dugs we done

In repetitious levy of every

Consequence of sequences

We set in motions host an avalanche

Of rocks to roll across our paths

Reactive actions that we make

Or leave undone

There are no winners

Or no losers here

But we which have to walk

The maze of the responsive

Weave of weft in threads

We spin ourselves design

The patterns wove in

Labyrinthine times

Turning wheels

We are the makers and the shakers

Of our dicey fates

Rolling out in stories

Carving histories

Of lessons learned

Or not we fend and fight

And apprehend ourselves

In treason of our best intentions

Judge and jury we become

And locked and left

To find the keys

We toss away

Not knowing in that moment

That we cast the shadows

Of the one duality

Of good and bad

Of fault and mend

Over and again

Betrayal of the self

It’s not a crime



© K J barr