Nothing but the breath

I hold

A moment in my lungs

To let it go

I’m free


Going nowhere

I go everywhere

In mind and heart

I care to fly above

Below I know

This only thing

I do not know

I cannot even

Grow am grown

Torn down

Without a frown

No tear or thing

Too dear to weigh

Me back I lack

No thing I need

Only the air

And to be fair

Between us Just

A must

Concede this only

Always lonely

Without truth

©K Barr




Sacrifice a Vice a Virtue?


No forage for a Bee

On winter tree

Went out from Hive

To keep the rest alive


And so it dies

Gripped by the cold

Not very old

It flies no more

Makes honey

Knows the lack of warmth

Of friends

It gave itself

For others

And was spent



©K Barr