I desire

Not a thing

Thought or feeling

Within truly


I need what is

The essence of

Itself to drink

The missing link

To eat the meal

Of the ingredient

Of living savour

Airy energies and swell

With what is

Well… love


©K Barr


A Hungry Only Soul


The need to feed
On food of love
Is seeded deep a
Beat in every heart
So steady red
In seeking
Food for love
Yet need
Unheeded grows
To greed the
Undernourished plead
Of open mouths
And legs and hearts
Too clamorous
In raw uproar
Un- amorous
Demand to bite
To bare of bone
And splinter it to
Take without the give
In greed so ravenous
Disclosure of a
Hungry only soul

© K J Barr