Sacred Space


In dream I wear

A cloth of moss

My skin is luminous

Because I glow

From starlight

Bright within

Begins belonging longs

To breath at ease

Within these worlds of green

Of leaf and gold of midnight

Moon upon the sheen

In bloom along the sleeve

Of skin so thin and fine I’m in

Divinity defined in finite poise

No noise no movement can disturb

Each moment seeping seamless

Into nesting box of dreaming

What is next


©K Barr




Lines will not define me

For I merge

With boundlessness

In earth in sea in sky

The fire in my eye

Can set alight the stars

As through the air I fly

Ethereal in cloud

I float on by like water

I will fill with grace

Perfected any space

To make my own

This living world

Of endless change

My home


©K Barr

Creations Dawn


We grow our worlds

From old with words of code

Inherited these nodes

Decree the hold

Of germs organic fold

Of power turning

Over to be born

In yearning undefined

Unlearned Un-termed

Discovery in reach

Needs empty hands

Let go, take hold

Of what is host and dream

For all to seemingly

Ensue the new

Imbued horizons

Dawning long is due

For you and me


©K Barr

Flicker of Mortality


Finger of flame

Aglow in grate

An ember in a darkened room

Creating flickerings

Of mortality that point

And tap in shadows cast

Across the wall

A dance of life and death

To mesmerise enthrals

The dreaming selfs

Imagining of myriad

Happenings sprawled

In shifting shapes

That makes the heart leap

Longing for what it may have been

If other

In another ember glow in grate


© K J Barr