Hatred is a coat I wear
So you
Do not see
The tenderness so deep
In me
So I
Do not know
The disappearing loss
Of soul
Each time I look
To say I am

Anger is a dress I wear
As if to say
I have no care
Or woe
Disguise such cruelty
Of the fact
There is no place
To go to find
A self at home
And so
I wear apparel
So you know
I’m here
In seeming
Seams of dress
That hold the fear
At bay
At best I sit
I walk and talk
With you
And who
Beneath your coat
Are you
There too?

©K Barr




Think the face

Of bitterness

A gargoyle set in stone

It’s made of bone

Below with flesh

That weeps of blood

When cut like you

Bitterness is not so

Ugly as the hue

And cry denial makes

When bitterness as harvest

Becomes duly due

For you or me


©K Barr



We are

Only build

In the grind

Of downing

Ground the earth

Beneath our feet

We tread

Ancestral bones

Were laid to rest

Now press upon them

All the test of deeds we do

In slew of all they knew

They gave to us

Who just become our

Dirt and dust

Under our feet

And we bequeath

To them this dance

On rest of them

We guest on burial

Of what will be

In the coming and

The over under covering

Of ourselves


©K Barr