Spirit flames
Within this heart
It dances
Dances free
Dances just for joy
For joy of being me…

It can’t follow
No designated script
Throbbing its momentum
For I am just the wick

©K Barr


Banner-up and Out


Long ago I patched a rag

Of flag from fragments

Tied a template

From my sighs and

Flew it up and out of hiding

Down below in ground

So stranded in a land

Of disappointment deep

But banner up it ready soared

So glorious to blow

And throw itself a dance

With wind in fling of happiness

Unfurled and free

It romped and stomped

The sky in spinning rounds

Of ringlets in the giddy

Atmosphere of joy

I almost flew with it

Until the wind

Took breath

And in that minute left

My remnant pride to fall

Below to ground

And grind into the dirt

It came away

For just a moment


So long ago


©K J barr



Ring- Around – a –Dervish


Rate around gyrating space

In resonance surround

Dilation of the hearts vibrations

Emanate the found elation

Of the passions in the actions

Ring- around- the sound of time

Is rhyming in a chime sublime

The oscillating fraction

Of this slice of finite

Joy erupting in the throes

Of everlasting blast of living

Life re-membered in the turning

Of the dance around the swirling

Now subsides into such hue

Of dashing colours blend

In lend of tone to each

We are beseeching other

To become at one with us

© K J barr

Lily of my Soul


I stretch my hand to touch a dream

With eyes that close to hear the wind

Call on and on

I listen to that song

Divinity of life

Entranced and step into its tune

And all around me spins

In busy disarray

Dancing to another song

I am mad to be so incensed

Enamoured of life


We do not choose who we love

And journey down into the dark

Inside of me a river flowing free

Boundaries unchained

Abandoned to the sprit

I touch my core

To resonate with the power of life within

Holding myself as a sacred seed

The ability to birth life ever anew

Each moment a wave

Upon wave of weaving peace

I eclipse suffering


Oh little world of outer whim

Can’t you see?

You can not poison me

I am too bold and strong

For your impatient youth

Demanding mere victory over

The ageless beauty of defenceless



The lily of my soul is in bloom

I am the crux of all emotion

So full of brimming love

That hatred is breaking, breaking

Barriers disintegrating

Hurt so much

That I find truth

Inside the kernel of the pain

Is confidence


Crushed on three sides

I find my direction

It perfectly pits the

Hatred of the world’s passion

Bled life into me

Adversity cut love in not out

And wounds are closing

And scars are healing to Joy.