Nothing but the breath

I hold

A moment in my lungs

To let it go

I’m free


Going nowhere

I go everywhere

In mind and heart

I care to fly above

Below I know

This only thing

I do not know

I cannot even

Grow am grown

Torn down

Without a frown

No tear or thing

Too dear to weigh

Me back I lack

No thing I need

Only the air

And to be fair

Between us Just

A must

Concede this only

Always lonely

Without truth

©K Barr






When I’m with


I am so lost

In losing land

Am tossed

Where we

Who were not born

As pumped up winners

Have to swim

For all we

Would be worth

If circumstances

Turned from birth

In favour of the

Whole of human race

The face of us

The pace of us

The ways and means

The grace of us

Would be so different

You see I see

Eye to eye with me

Ourselves agree

We be let free

Within perimeters

Of safe with us

And never out of side



©K Barr


To Walk in Light


To walk in the light
Is to cast the shade
Wherein the angry ghosts
Afraid in grief relief
Are hid to rouse
A bid denial
Of the peace
We seek to make
In paving over
An easy way
Of cover up
An earth with fissures
Wills erupt
When suffocated
Far too much
Protest at trite
In strive for right
Before a walk of light
Is trod.

© KJ barr

Tit for Tat


Tit for Tat
And this for that
A drip and a drop
For the drab and the sop
With the eye for the tooth
Hit the roof of the truth
And half the blind world
Gets to chew
For the rest to eschew
The price to be paid
To be loved or get laid
In retain
For the sense of the grain
The plane in the wood
From the seed
That grows good
From the forest of could
A refrain of exchange
Again and again
In round about game
So same in repeat
To feel half complete
All things in defeat
Being equal as none

© K J barr