Rage bleeds
Through the ages
Every time
We turn to face
The wall
We cut
Into the heart of life
But will not
See the flow
Until too late
It pools
At our feet
Our fate
©K Barr






Revelation of relation

In a ring

I love no thing

More than I love

Is it enough?

I have no sustenance

To give but what I live

No kindness to bestow

For often I don’t know

My foolishness a show

Is it enough?


©K Barr



In our eyes

Can you see lies

Our minds

Constructions of the kind

Of things we like to think

Deceive ourselves is what

What we do too easily

Too well construe a shadow

To believe

When no-ones knows

We are the deeds

That most resemble

The assemblage

Of what becomes

Our rest all follows on

Like sheep that’s lost

Responding to the songs

We like to sing out loud


©K Barr

Song of Atlas


Song of Atlas

How Absurd
A Little bird
Of tiny bone
And feather lighter
Than the wind
With breath enough
In breast to fly
Away so high
Amid the cloud
And swim in universe
Yet I
Am stranded
In and grounded
Here on earth
In sufferance
With heaviness of grave
Great gravity
To bearing in
On shoulders
Loaded holding of the
Weight of this existence
Pressing mystery of loss
And shame in pain of
Weakness creaking in the knees
That bend to trembling
Beg for less in mercy
Wish to swim
Amidst the cloud
Freedom of a span of wing
And song of feather lighter
Than the wind
And longing flowing
Of a little bird
In sowing wishes to be free

© K J barr

In the Mouth of the Gift Horse


In the mouth of the gift horse
I looked at life
And found it wanting
Trust enough to dare
With caring
Carry the load
Of space so heavy
On shoulders so wide
They bear and hold
The reins that threat to break
Apart on waking up to see
The storm that has been sown
And try to find
Despite the raging
Changes of the winds
A little digging in
Contentment with a tiny spade
Build borders
For the sane to hunker down
And wait to fate it out
Or bust

© K J barr

Honey Tongue


Honey cloven cleft of foot
My lover left a print
Indented on my head
Was trod
In dance of night time wild
All the night
Was whispered secrets
In a tongue I can not tell
The charm it spoke
Nor heed the key
Of names in saying of
Break spells my life has cast
My lots and tied my hands
To what is put before
Me trod on lies
I told myself
And have to keep
Appointment with the deeds
That I have done

© K J barr