In a ring
Of wondering
If I could ever go
So naked
Bare to bone
In show of
Never known before
If this person
That I wear
Whose wearing thin
Could so let go
No covering
Of under or below
Let in anew
Beginning win
Let in some light
To see
Opening a window
Seeking what may ever be….
©K Barr




Dark things hide in dark
Don’t go down there
To grow
My friend just keep
Within the known
What’s shown before
Don’t risk the deep
Where shadows creep and crawl
And dragons fly all
Beasts so mythical
They make you quake
And weep to drag you
To a fate so fearful
You may fall into
The other side of good
Get lost forever
Never understood
I would you
Grow instead
In light and love
Be bright and see
So easily that all is well
If well you keep
Within this boundary
Wall you dwell only
No hell can
Steal your soul don’t
Look too deep
Into the ocean
Of the tears that cried
Outside these lines
Stay in this side
Of right beside in light
Look up be bright
Don’t go into the dark
To find what’s there
Don’t care
Just stay within this
Enclave safe beset
Before you wondered
What would lie behind
The door ignore
I plead
Don’t go that way
For…Hey I say
Come back…..

©K Barr