Fervours fever
Dervish whirling
Turning evolutions
Revolves its
Spinning round
And rounds
Creations song
Is singing now
No nouns It’s growing
Going gone
Yet on and on
Feel the heartbeat
Of the living
futures tumbling
In a throng
see such sunlight
Seed the greening
Force for growing
Sowing needing
Time is motion
For no meaning
Sense nonsensical
This dance is leading
Feeling right in place
At home
Atoned in grace
Is here no face just being
Loved and loving life
Is reeling
Peeling falsehoods
Daze revealing
Naked truth in evolutions
Wheels are turning
Changes round
Creations song
Is singing bold
And going gone
Yet on and on…

©K Barr



Will to Life


Put me in a box
You will not
With your locks
Stop this heart
From beating true
To who I need to be
Inside the free
Horizons of my soul
You cannot stop me going
Where I need to go
You cannot stop
The wild She
Who dances
With no legs
You took
Who sings
Without a voice
You stole
Whose cornucopia
Is whole and overflowing
Not the hole
You thought to leave
Behind You when
You took this territory
What’s mine is mine
Within I find
You will not
Stop my rhyme
Although you claim my reason
I divine
You will not
Bury me beneath the weight
Of might you thought you were
For I will rise
On through the longing of
My sighs my need
To be alive to thrive
Forever strives and strives
On through the barriers of you
And all that you erect
I am so perfectly adept
At this I am
Myself and all I will to be
In me will grow
Just like a tree
Whose branches
Graze the sun and come
In ecstasy of being
Me my justice just is this
You see
Before you now
The thing you could not stop
Your lock could never hold
My soul
I grow you see I grow and grow…

©K Barr

For Ever


I asked them

What the tree was like

They told me of its name

I asked again

What tree was like

They told me history

Of tree of genus seed

Of light and leaf

Bequeathed to us

In brief a twig

Of life in thrust

Like us

I asked them

What the tree was like

This mystery

Of tree of me

Of sky of sea

Of us together

What we be

I asked them

But they answered not

And then I knew

That things cannot

Begot but getting


But never ending

Motioning in flux


Life it bends

In weaves and winds

I find

I cannot lie

With names

A tree is me

And we are



Here and free


©K Barr




Do you


When you


A seeming


Of being

That does not

Reflect election

Of the whole

Of what you

Can be

In your motioning


Don’t detract

Reduce to lack

Or form to liking

In a moment

Can’t exist

In this


Must resist

All naming

There’s no shame in

What you be

You cannot see

Your self-detected

In the mirrors

Of your head


Lay to rest

All striving

No more hiding

Let you be


©K Barr