The Dusty Heart


The heart
Become so small
It curled
Into a ball
It fell
Into the cracks
Between the floorboards
Rolled into
A corner dark
Where cobwebs grew
And dust made coats
Of everything the mice
Did crawl the spiders
What had begun
Was now abandoned
Lost without a light
To lift or see
Is this you
Or is this me?
©K Barr


A Tryst with Trust


Did I ever
Live in a room
Without any locks
Breathe without
Any shocks
Without listening
Make noise
And burst
Bare-arsed naked
Into this world
With no shame
And no name
To put the dot
On what
In innocence
I forgot to be…

©K Barr

Trust of Self


The things
You fear to lose
Are dross
Just those
You need
No longer ‘cos
It’s love that’s strong
You make forever
Stays with you
This give and take
Of trust you choose
To build can
Never take a fall
You will withstand
More than you think
To feel your way ahead
You go into the
Never knowing
Peer into the
Not quite seeing
Visions safe within
The yet to be
You find the truth
Which sets you free
When instantly your being
You and me
I’m being me…

©K barr

Daring Darling


Daring darling
Crying crescent
Moon your tears
Are falling dews
In mourning
Quenching thirst
Of Earth to thrive
Come morning
Break your grief
Is flown from sun
Is shown Erase
Your traces
Given graces
You had sown
In love to meet
The needy
All your loss
For gain is ours
The cost you bear
Your tears fulfilment
There in care
You break and leak
For earths beseech you dare
©K Barr



I slide so easily along
This well-worn path
From old I know so well
The curves and bends
It wends me through
The ways it spins and sends
Me reeling into spaces
I can’t recognise from sight
That’s blinded in these troughs
So dark I know from touch
These places mark the plights
I fought to flee to keep a hold
Of me the pieces
That I fell into
When I lost you
My self
I seek again…
©K Barr