Daring Darling


Daring darling
Crying crescent
Moon your tears
Are falling dews
In mourning
Quenching thirst
Of Earth to thrive
Come morning
Break your grief
Is flown from sun
Is shown Erase
Your traces
Given graces
You had sown
In love to meet
The needy
All your loss
For gain is ours
The cost you bear
Your tears fulfilment
There in care
You break and leak
For earths beseech you dare
©K Barr




I slide so easily along
This well-worn path
From old I know so well
The curves and bends
It wends me through
The ways it spins and sends
Me reeling into spaces
I can’t recognise from sight
That’s blinded in these troughs
So dark I know from touch
These places mark the plights
I fought to flee to keep a hold
Of me the pieces
That I fell into
When I lost you
My self
I seek again…
©K Barr

Eye Spy



Fate spat

some thing

In my I

I cry and cry

Just to get by

I’ll weep in wash

Of tear till dry

And all flushed out

About me lies

The thing

Invisible to eyes

Too mute to speak

In sound beyond

My pitch the itch

That is not I

Its sits still

In sigh inside

So much it makes

Me mute and dumbs

My cry to life

Fate threw some thing

In my I

Too big to spy

I cry in order

Just for getting

To forget that I

Can only just

About get by…


©K Barr