Listen in

On whispers


Each wisp of grass

Your song

So sonic


Love is love

In Living

Full to vast


©K Barr


Gold Of Sun


Gold of sun

I bring to you

In yellow hue

Of Daffodil

My willing heart

Like honey bee

That gathers nectar

From the tree

To weave the honey

Sweet a treat

For eating

You and me

Are liquid golden

Melt of yolk

In thrust of corn stalk

Pulsing hope

Our juices run

Becoming what we be

In light and warmth

Of airy free

Our bliss in this

Is not amiss

It is the kiss of life

For you to be

From me who sees

Your beauty sees

Your need

Feeds your heart

Come feast with me


©K Barr



Eden in the freedom

To escape Into

The inscape

Where you knew

You came from

Long ago before

The world Intruded

With so rude

An imposition

Of division and delusion

Crossed your other

Love in vision

Where you saw

And once could smile

With yourself Intact

No action needed

All was well was once

Was true the world

Outside and you

Inside was whole

Was there for you


©K Barr