My voice

Is the voice

Of many tongues

In dialects long lost

And yet to be

I speak only

Of things unseen

In meanings

That set free

Your heart to fly

In mysteries unknown

For that is only

And forever where you

Always will belong

Your song is free


©K. Barr


Creations Dawn


We grow our worlds

From old with words of code

Inherited these nodes

Decree the hold

Of germs organic fold

Of power turning

Over to be born

In yearning undefined

Unlearned Un-termed

Discovery in reach

Needs empty hands

Let go, take hold

Of what is host and dream

For all to seemingly

Ensue the new

Imbued horizons

Dawning long is due

For you and me


©K Barr

To Trust


Where to go
From what we know
To reach the breach
Of in in innocence
Insensible to gone
Before and step aside
From prides imaginings
Of coming to a future
Cast from what has been
Before too late
To slip the robe
That clothes us in
The heretofore
And seep between
The seam of been
Displace the next derived
Arrival cast in shadow
Shed from causal thrust
To bust in burst all
Possibility that’s bred
From oh so formal
Formulations of a form… to trust
To trust
To trust…
©K Barr

Once and Only True


Teach the sane in me
To be inane
Hung loose and freed
From main and made
The lanes that lead to known
Erase and choose again
A cure of jaded motion
Place again in new
Of face and feature
An expression find
That is as yet unborn
And true
In first formation
Made for once
And only wove
In moments revelations
Host can never hold

© K J barr