I don’t have no love to give

For I am Love

I don’t need no love to get

For I am love

I am the circle complete

The triangle angled

The square rooted

Who and what we are

I am without

The within

For I am within

The without

The shouting of a whisper

Thin and full

No beginning

Or ending

I am all

Of wealth no lack

With you in self


©K Barr




Let’s move on out

Vacate the time and space

All place particular

To birth and person

Deemed to be

No more

Let’s move on out

From under hedgerows

Where we hid in bid to rid

Ourselves from heavy loads

Inherited no more

We’re moving out

No stories to divulge

Just we who are

Are our only hope

We travel light

As life can be

Like air electing to be free

Abandoning what was

We see that destiny

Is ours only

Let’s move on out


©K. Barr



Lost from love

No wealth within

Or out

Absence of sense


To trust

No meaning

To believe in

All deceiving

Walls are leaning

Keening into

Tight as bud

To bust a thrust

Of rush discovery

In life to be

Sprung solely

From the power

Of the need

In deed

Of seed that’s sown

In loss


It must…


©K Barr