Things I ate

About you

Are the things

I hate but do

And you

Hate the things

That you

Had to take in

Too we do

A lot of got

To taking for

The making

Of ourselves can

We eschew

These things undo

The knots that tie

Us to the things we use

To mind us could we

Ever lose to find us

We are seekers

In our blindness

Bleeding need to

Redefine us

Make some room

Inside for new

Replace in haste

To recompense

The waste of things

We hate but ate

Inside us we may

Never rest

Until our best

Through appetite

Takes in our right

And satiates our fighting

To be free

©K Barr


The Dance of Duo


Unknit the knots
Untie the why
The wherefore where we
Strive to try
To find a way
Out of the labyrinth of I
Is kept our Minotaur
Of mazes lost in self
Amazed devourment
Is ever eaten and re- tossed
So follow out
Your thread of life
Rewind the strive and stress
Address the balancing
Of will and chance
A dance with earth and air
Askance a universe of movement
In a trance of breathing
Limbs and meanings
In a spinning
Atmospheric twirl of curling
Spiral whirring
Whims beginning
Things and endings
With a kiss hello
The same in motions turn
Is blending into one
Is all and only you
And me the we
Our wherefore
Of the feeling
Full completion
In our reeling
Doubling to duo of
The One

© KJ barr

The Shape of Things to Be


Sieve the sand

Through the fingers of your hand

Make a bowl

Hold the granular, particular

Particles as this the

Little gritty bits of truth

That threat to clog

Your way just simply

Filter wring between

The knuckles and the cleft of thumb

The why and wherefore of the action

That besets the heart to beat

And seed your resolution

In volition willing

Set your pace

To pour like wine in time

Delicious meting out a rhyme

Measured through the lingering

In slow with

Fingers threading sand to mound

Below and graduate a difference

Built in shifting hands

For times can sift and alter they

With ease like this

The shape of things

To be


© K J barr