To Touch


Touch that gives
Touch that takes
Touch that makes
And touch that fakes
Touch from hate
Or touch to wake
Touch is such
A bit too much
Complexity that
Longs to speak
Touch withheld
Stays out of reach
Touch too much
Or not enough
Touch for love
Or touch for luck
Touch for like
And touch to fuck
Touch from need
To do your deed
Touch to seed
Or grab in greed
In touch believe
The heart reveals
What it conceives
Then what it deals!

©K Barr


Truth Tales


Grip of lip

So not to slip

Not wanting truth

To trip to hit

Through words

Uptight in fright

Of Self the fight

Such wrestling within

I must not say

The things I feel

Must reel them in

For you my friend

Don’t want to know

The evil that we do

We dress in fancy names

Like party games

I am accustomed to

This fate of hating

Things unfair we do

Our darkness never

Should be dared

My friend by who

By me and you

It grows unbidden

Once is born

And this is truth

We live to mourn

The things we never meant

But slew just all the same


©K Barr




Each of every

Breaking day

They love to hate

And hate to love

They never can

Get enough

Of any stuff will do

Forever empty taking

In too plentiful

Of lack in substance

All abundance

Of no being

Without meaning

To intend a lend

Of vacancy in soul

A hole an open door

No one at home

They left before

The rent is due

Now what of you?


©K Barr



In our eyes

Can you see lies

Our minds

Constructions of the kind

Of things we like to think

Deceive ourselves is what

What we do too easily

Too well construe a shadow

To believe

When no-ones knows

We are the deeds

That most resemble

The assemblage

Of what becomes

Our rest all follows on

Like sheep that’s lost

Responding to the songs

We like to sing out loud


©K Barr