The Guise


Wearing her clothing
Disguising self-loathing
Wearing attire may
Make him feel higher
The baby that goes
Without any clothes
No shame

©K Barr




Where is there?

For its

The place I need to be


This race of pace to get

The space wherein I can

Re- name my face


As Grace…


©K Barr

Breathing Flesh and Bone


Punch of puncture
Hole In heads
To let the steaming
Screams pour out
In drain of dreams
Whose seams have strained
In mass too critical
To bear the pierce
Of pointed truth
Too humbling the
Stain of feeling far too much
The marks of the insane
Writ large on walls
From opened veins
To let the pain out
Words by far
Do miss the wounds
They chase we pitch
Against our demons
Named as foe in race
Against what fate has drawn
Instead of greeting them
As guest
Angelic hosts as those
Bring missives
Of the deepest heart
In beat of need
A simple yearn for turning
To a quietude of
Self acceptance
Loving in this livelihood
Of breathing flesh and bone

© K J barr