Hatred is a coat I wear
So you
Do not see
The tenderness so deep
In me
So I
Do not know
The disappearing loss
Of soul
Each time I look
To say I am

Anger is a dress I wear
As if to say
I have no care
Or woe
Disguise such cruelty
Of the fact
There is no place
To go to find
A self at home
And so
I wear apparel
So you know
I’m here
In seeming
Seams of dress
That hold the fear
At bay
At best I sit
I walk and talk
With you
And who
Beneath your coat
Are you
There too?

©K Barr




I don’t have no love to give

For I am Love

I don’t need no love to get

For I am love

I am the circle complete

The triangle angled

The square rooted

Who and what we are

I am without

The within

For I am within

The without

The shouting of a whisper

Thin and full

No beginning

Or ending

I am all

Of wealth no lack

With you in self


©K Barr

Homeward Bound


The pull to pooling

In at home

In head touch heart

Be bone and the letting

Of the coursing

Of the moaning

In the blood atone

For times vacation

Abstinence from self

We meet again

Can we be friends?

In the station which

We fall into

When nothing else

Will call can I

Greet you who

I left behind

Abandoned in a random

Pass of whimsy fast

In dream of freedom

From the self

So bound by me


©K Barr

The Dream of Being True


In the centre
Of my I
Evolving rise
I swim an iris
Spin around
In dizzy revolutions
Wherein I place
My name
My same
My me
In meaning
I can’t see
Myself unless
I raze away the face
And make of a thing
To chase in spying
Meaning of a time
To place the centre of my
Self I sow
To risen an iris
In a face
Evolving swim
In space and name
My place my me
In meaning be
At one and only
I alone
In dream of being

© K J barr