Will to Life


Put me in a box
You will not
With your locks
Stop this heart
From beating true
To who I need to be
Inside the free
Horizons of my soul
You cannot stop me going
Where I need to go
You cannot stop
The wild She
Who dances
With no legs
You took
Who sings
Without a voice
You stole
Whose cornucopia
Is whole and overflowing
Not the hole
You thought to leave
Behind You when
You took this territory
What’s mine is mine
Within I find
You will not
Stop my rhyme
Although you claim my reason
I divine
You will not
Bury me beneath the weight
Of might you thought you were
For I will rise
On through the longing of
My sighs my need
To be alive to thrive
Forever strives and strives
On through the barriers of you
And all that you erect
I am so perfectly adept
At this I am
Myself and all I will to be
In me will grow
Just like a tree
Whose branches
Graze the sun and come
In ecstasy of being
Me my justice just is this
You see
Before you now
The thing you could not stop
Your lock could never hold
My soul
I grow you see I grow and grow…

©K Barr




I am no thing

To be or see to do

Be touched or touch

And therefore

I am all things

Free this everything

Is me we walk like gods

In seeing nothing

We can see


©K Barr

Spill It


Stirring up of Spirit
Whirring where it will
To fill up any space
In overfill to fall
Below in grow-up
To be tall to take down
Round then square
Will dare with care
And not begot begetting
Letting go withholding
So you know can kiss
And get to tell as well
As never understand
Your hand may hold
If you don’t try
To fly with it
Be bold and don’t forget
To let it be…

©K Barr


Trust to Tryst



I Enter in

The inner eye

Of I divine

The gate

And you?

Who through

The mystery of you

Need never wait

Will fly so too

It’s magical

Your essence

It is beauty let it

Set you free

And all will be

In one at once with thee


©K Barr


Little Soul


Little soul

Went flying

Into big Soul

It got burnt

Had never learnt

The mastery

Of mysteries

For love so

Heating hot

Cannot be got

Too close

For comforts

Sake it just

May wake

A passion

That could

Break the chains

Of fate and then

What then

Will there

Be left for little

Soul to do

In me and you?


©K Barr


The Unity of Water


The unity of water

Weighted wet

Each drop collected

Fell from high

Through sky

Below in throw

Of self into the

Mystery of whole

Beneath the seem

Of separation

We become

The one


©K Barr





An egg

A pod

A sod of

Miracle in birth

Renew of cycle

Forcing through

The hardy crust of Earth

When seed bleeds new

Into such darkness nesting

Fight for life the power

Shouting outs its side

It’s right to be alive

And freed


©K Barr