Living in

Not visible

The threads that hold

Or fray away

All trust dissolved

Must weave again

For we are our

Re-workers only us

We have to trust

Ourselves and spin

The needed love

Sew in the passionate

Compassion justice

Just is running through

We are the fortune brokers

Every other only you


©K Barr


Honey Tongue


Honey cloven cleft of foot
My lover left a print
Indented on my head
Was trod
In dance of night time wild
All the night
Was whispered secrets
In a tongue I can not tell
The charm it spoke
Nor heed the key
Of names in saying of
Break spells my life has cast
My lots and tied my hands
To what is put before
Me trod on lies
I told myself
And have to keep
Appointment with the deeds
That I have done

© K J barr