Necessity or faith
Creates a state
When cells
So bravely
Do divide
To knit the fabric
For a soul to wear
Without a tear
Or tear to cry
Sigh is born…
©K Barr


Winter of the Soul


When energy
All acts
A necessary force of will
Retreat is pleading
Needing still
No movement to conserve
A hope for future
In reserve
All bids for living
Frozen hard
For spirits slumber
Deep and memories of warmth
That passed
Are all the food for dreams
We have to keep us safe…

©K Barr

To Trust


Kick me
For I do not cry
I just will die
A little more each day
The heart that holds
The hurt in sway
Will hug the harm
That’s done each day
To die a little more
In every way
The need for love
To seed a soul
A tiny babe
That cannot know
A where or why
It cannot tell
A greater tale
Can die too easily
A little bit more
In every day

©K Barr

Gold Of Sun


Gold of sun

I bring to you

In yellow hue

Of Daffodil

My willing heart

Like honey bee

That gathers nectar

From the tree

To weave the honey

Sweet a treat

For eating

You and me

Are liquid golden

Melt of yolk

In thrust of corn stalk

Pulsing hope

Our juices run

Becoming what we be

In light and warmth

Of airy free

Our bliss in this

Is not amiss

It is the kiss of life

For you to be

From me who sees

Your beauty sees

Your need

Feeds your heart

Come feast with me


©K Barr