No Nouns No Names


Words words absurdity

To herd yourself

Within some thing

To clothe these

Lithesome souls

In heavy garments

made for other

Shapes are free

Like we are

Dancing graces

Shifting places

Meanings dreaming’s

Nothing seemingly

So stuck in still

No will not us

We are the happenings

Events to be and see

To do for you

And me

We must we need

To walk alone

Without such definitions

Shackle we move free


©K Barr


Wuthering Heights


Let in the heights

And lows that blow

So wuthering in winds

Around your eaves

Such singing songs

That calls your name

Let in the strain of

Caterwauling wild

Way for more on moors

Untamed bring in

The fey for there’s no time

For sleeping here

The moon is up and out

The window let her in

For she can ride you to

Her midnight tryst

To reach the baptism

Of fire that you long

So lately long to live


©K Barr

Over The Edge


My tongue is tipping
Over the edge
And falling
From the heights
Below the known
To taste
What lies beneath
The Name
Of things unseen
In dream or days
Make a way
To take away the fear
Of what I can not know
Before the dark discovery
Of death uncovers me
From flesh and bone
To find
I was alone
And lost
Before I died

© K J barr



Promise me not to be

Kind because it hurts

So much it burns me quite away

And who’s to say

I’ll ever be found again?

So promise me never to cue

With beauty’s wooing ways

In case I move so much

I just might fly

From this, my narrow nest

That fences me perched so hazardous

In these winds that blow

So fierce and wild

And who’s to say

That we will land again?