I don’t have no love to give

For I am Love

I don’t need no love to get

For I am love

I am the circle complete

The triangle angled

The square rooted

Who and what we are

I am without

The within

For I am within

The without

The shouting of a whisper

Thin and full

No beginning

Or ending

I am all

Of wealth no lack

With you in self


©K Barr


The Poverty of Trappings


A roof through which

The rain can’t run

Feeling poorly…

Cupboard full of food

Feeling poorly…

Health is rude and money

Plenty friends and family abound

Feeling poorly…


A roof through which

Your truth can’t run

Feeling poorly…

Food that starves

Your heart from nourishments

Of heartiness it needs

Your ruddy cheeks

Deceive the sight

From knowing inside

What is not all right

And light of friends and family

Surround crowd out

What should abound within

It’s cold when warm without

Feeling poorly…


©K Barr

The Hand Held Empty


The fortune of the hermit seeking

Lies within the hands beseeching

Hands which hold the empty hole

The holy note of nothing

An airy space of soul

Where all dwells

Cupped in spare

The hermit has no thing

Held forever

And free from burden of the known

The heart can skip

And meet the whole

Wherein the dwelling

All things meet

A treasure trove

Within retreat of breaking open

Moments newly birthed

Un named or shamed with meaning

The hand held empty out affords

The hidden hoard of possibility

© K J Barr