My voice

Is the voice

Of many tongues

In dialects long lost

And yet to be

I speak only

Of things unseen

In meanings

That set free

Your heart to fly

In mysteries unknown

For that is only

And forever where you

Always will belong

Your song is free


©K. Barr




In every sence

The pure in sense

Of innocence

Resides inside

This inner sense

Of self not pride

But wonderment

To be alive to find

What’s new and

Bigger than the things

We can reduce to being

Smaller than ourselves

Our sense in sensibilities

Are borne again

When opening

Our essence with

Our awe


©K Barr

The Relevance of Awe


When you stop your wondering

Because you think you know

Your soul go’s tight and tired

Hardened cold and slow

Contracts to fact of what you hold

As truth in poverty enfold no

Shooting out your roots for more

Of what your love is calling for

Put forth through soft of seeking life’s

Discovery in every living lightness

Draw you forth by giving breath

Not be sealed and done as death

Completed told and was

Of what is old and passed

Because you knew it once

Was relevant but now is gone

Seek to live sing strong

Your song


©K Barr





Through my veins

What may remain

When I am gone

Will a fragment

Of my once held

Breath in song

Be cycled round the world

In service of some

Better times to be

Will I be found

Still here and clinging

In the atmosphere

Around the Earth

A hovering of long

In orbit holding it

In place in case

It falls apart

Through heartbreak

So forlorn

Like I did

On the day

That I was born


©K Barr