The taste of waste

Fills up this place

And I with a sigh

Can only ride

It slide along

From peak

To broken token

Beneath in parts

Of what was

This waste

©K Barr

A Void Dance


No thought

No fear

No feel

No real

No seal

Of state


Too late

No fate

Is ever sated

Just enough

A thought

A fear

To feel

Is real

A seal

Of fate

A state is never sated

Just enough


No thought


©K Barr

Circles of Possibility


Old not new

Keeps coming through

If new not old

In life were bold

As to unfold

What never was formed

Before a form

Was born

Before a lore

Created more

The same

That bore

A law before

The form created

More of same

No score is just

To maim itself

A pain before

A form Is fain created

Old not new

Keeps coming through

If life were bold

And not so old

As to eschew

It’s new

©K Barr






In the corridors

That lead to corridors

Into corridors

Of open doors

Into rooms

That are never

The right room

To begin

To anchor in

A space

Just to place

A room

Without walls

Doors into corridors

With no roof

And without floors


For a place

To anchor in

A beginning

To begin


For ever in a never

Ever of corridors

With open doors

Without roof

And no floors

All space

No place

To put an anchor in

Without trace

Of a face

With no name

Can’t begin

To set in

A name and a place

With a face

In a space

Lost in corridors

Of times dimensions


The passageways

Of the lost

Forever seeking

What could have been the was

Of the where and why for

Just to set anchor in

©K Barr







A life that is lived

In snatches

Catches through the latches

Stashes full of ashes

Fascists in the passage

Jagged edges

Without ledges

Wedge of walls

That disappear

And all things all

At once that overcomes

The sprawl

Of what is all

I am

This is

It was


I can’t

It can

It will

I won’t


To stop

it starts

My hearts

Is Dropping

Far below

The borderline

Of what It was

The cost


Its what’s

The same

Some call it pain

I call it loss

Because because because

A life that’s lived

In snatches

Catches just the ashes

Stashes full of fascist

In the passage

Without walls

My heart is dropping

Far below the borderline

Of what it was

©K Barr

Motherless Child


Wash away

The smell of you

And the Mother

May not find you

For she seeks

With the twitch of her nose


Beautify the sight of you

And the Mother

May not find you

For she looks

Beyond the faces

That you choose to wear

You scare yourself away

From bearing

The very face she graced alone

For you and her

Embrace a zone

Of musk and fur

It feels like an eternity

Of skin that you and she

Wrap in

So soft and warm

Why ever tone your voice

To chime and trim in time

To noises not your own

And note that she

Will miss above all other sounds

The one that you alone

Was born to sing

As raucous as it seems

Is not as unbecoming

As the music you elect to make

Replace the sound?

You cannot hear you are

At all until you sing

And she will find you

From the throng

From ring of crowd

She knows your song

Your call your cry

And you’re belonging

When you cease to try….

©K Barr