My voice

Is the voice

Of many tongues

In dialects long lost

And yet to be

I speak only

Of things unseen

In meanings

That set free

Your heart to fly

In mysteries unknown

For that is only

And forever where you

Always will belong

Your song is free


©K. Barr


Spiral Dance


Curl of whirling swirl

Unfurl within your spring

Can sing uncoiling like a lotus

From your deep and dark

So secret sacred scared

And beating heart is aching

For your life to open lips

To amorous and kiss the sun


©K Barr

Sacred Space


In dream I wear

A cloth of moss

My skin is luminous

Because I glow

From starlight

Bright within

Begins belonging longs

To breath at ease

Within these worlds of green

Of leaf and gold of midnight

Moon upon the sheen

In bloom along the sleeve

Of skin so thin and fine I’m in

Divinity defined in finite poise

No noise no movement can disturb

Each moment seeping seamless

Into nesting box of dreaming

What is next


©K Barr



Needle fine

Canary bone

So thin is wrought

And light to fly

We splinter just

As easily as this

Deny the little cries

We crush the self

Of beating heart

Its wings that

Need to stretch

Out wide in flight

Rejection is our

Other name

The game is all

Our loss alone

Forlorn we fail

To know the dream

In songs that only

We could sing

Of love as fragile

As a bird on wing

And pure in bliss as this…


©K Barr

Prose Prophesy and Prosthesis


When in the comicals

Of waste and slime

I see descriptions

Of the fair no blight

Such beauty making

False a crime

Are these but prophesies

In this our time

For we that look upon

Our best and worst

Should we so light

Dismiss a curse

In praise of what

We’d rather see

Could not our tongues

Seek skill sublime

To word the whole

Divine complexity

We be beyond

Mere beauty

We are free

To mar or mark

The all of you

That’s also in

And of the All

In all of me


©K Barr